[solved]How to move a website to new hosting account without downloading it to PC?

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[solved]How to move a website to new hosting account without downloading it to PC?

Post by alex » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:10 am

I have a linux hosting account with cpanel. I have signed up for new linux hosting account and move my existing website content to the new hosting account. But the problem is my website has content around 1 GB. It would be time consuming to download the entire site to my pc and upload it again to the new hosting account. Is there any way I can move my website content directly to the new hosting account?

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Re: How to move a website to new hosting account without downloading it to PC?

Post by flora » Thu Jan 04, 2018 10:38 am

If you have cpanel in both of your hosting accounts, you can use Passive Mode transfer from your existing / old hosting account.

Follow these steps:
1. Login to your old hosting cpanel account
2. In the files section go to "Backup Wizard"
3. Choose "Backup"
4. Go for "Full Backup"
5. In the next screen you will see "Generate a Full Backup" form
6. Fill In the following information:
Backup Destination (Dropdown): Remote FTP Server ( Passive Mode Transfer )
Email Address : Your email address
Remote Server: New Hosting account IP address or domain name
Remote User: new hosting account cpanel username
Remote Password: new hosting account password
Port: 21
Remote Dir: /
7. Click on Generate Backup

Now your backup process will start and your will get a email notification once the backup is done.

8. Now login to new hosting cpanel account
9. Access Home directory of your hosting account ( not public_html )
10. You will see your website backup as a zip file
11. When you extract the zip file you can see the old hosting account files in the folder. Now you can move the files to new hosting account with "Move" command.

Note: You can only use this option to move your content to another server. You cannot do auto restore Full Backups through your cPanel interface.
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